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Industrial Disposal is a leading UK collection and battery disposal company who specialise in the safe disposal of large quantities of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) batteries, and emergency lighting batteries.

An example of the wide range of industrial battery types we collect with the following chemistries are:
          Lead acid batteries disposal
          Non lead acid batteries disposal
          Alkaline manganese batteries disposal
          Lithium batteries disposal
          Lithium ion batteries disposal
          Mercury oxide batteries disposal
          Nickel cadmium batteries disposal
          Nickel metal hydride batteries disposal
          Alkaline batteries disposal
          Zinc carbon batteries disposal
          Silver oxide batteries disposal
          Zinc chloride batteries disposal
          Zinc air batteries disposal
          Air depolarised batteries disposal

We have built up a strong reputation for effectively managing the complete waste disposal process from start to finish. Our collection and battery disposal services operate around the UK, but primarily in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire. Please contact us for your battery disposal requirements.

We conform to safety standards for controlled waste transfer
The disposal of UPS batteries is cost effective to a business and your old batteries could be hazardous and will need to be disposed of in the right way. This is where we come in. We make sure we are in line with the rigorous standards of legislation at every stage in the process to remove any health risks and take care when handling and transporting these waste batteries.

Environmentally-friendly recycling process
We take our health and safety duties seriously to meet with the criteria set by the Environmental Agency for the legal licence for waste transfer to disposal, as too with all our operatives being fully trained in COSHH regulations.

Wherever you are located in the UK, you will find that our efficient system is simple and easy to use.   Once you have called us, we will arrange a site visit with one of our engineers who will discuss your requirements for clearance and safe disposal of your batteries.  We will supply you with our Method Statement and Risk Assessment.  These documents will ensure that you will meet all the safety and legal requirements in accordance with current legislation.

Example of UPS battery removal procedure

  • Firstly we will obtain the appropriate approval of our Method Statement and Risk Assessment and authorisation from the client to start work
  • Safety aspects such as hazard signs will be put up while the work is underway
  • In doing this, we will confirm that the battery removal will not comprise the BMS (building management system)
  • Our site supervisor will ensure the battery charger(s) are off and the electricity is isolated before the dismantling work begins
  • Our experienced operatives wear the appropriate clothing for the battery removal operation and will adhere to specific site and buildings guidelines
  • Prior to commencement of work operatives will sign to confirm that the approved Method Statement is understood
  • The batteries will be disconnected manually using our set procedures and placed in our battery boxes to protect the surrounding area from any hazardous spillage
  • The waste batteries will be transported and taken away to a licensed disposal site in our specialist recycling vehicles
  • We will leave your premises looking clean and tidy
  • Our site foreman will oversee the operation, working in tandem with the relevant authorised personnel in charge of the site or buildings clearance project

Waste disposal transfer note supplied with paperwork
Once the work is finished you will be issued with a consignment note and all relevant paperwork pertaining to the controlled waste transfer.

Contact us for your one-stop solution

  • Call us on 020 7183 3222 to arrange a site visit with one of our engineers to discuss your disposal requirements
    • Following the meeting, we will provide you with our:
    • written quotation outlining the methods of works and price breakdown
    • quotation
    • Method Statement and Risk Assessment, which is a mandatory requirement of the Health & Safety executive
    • Waste Carriers license (copy)
    • Operatives certifications (copies)
    • Contractors Public and Employee liability Insurance (copy)
  • Your approval of these documents will demonstrate our mutual commitment to the Industry’s requirements and our environmental responsibilities in undertaking your task.

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Assuring you of our best attention, Industrial Disposal.

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Battery Disposal > example of batteries removed and recycled by Boiler and Plant Dismantlers Ltd Battery Disposal > example of batteries removed and recycled by Boiler and Plant Dismantlers Ltd Battery Disposal > example of batteries removed and recycled by Boiler and Plant Dismantlers Ltd
Battery Disposal > example of batteries removed and recycled by Boiler and Plant Dismantlers Ltd Battery Disposal > example of batteries removed and recycled by Boiler and Plant Dismantlers Ltd


   Battery Recycling
Lead acid batteries
Non lead acid batteries
Alkaline manganese batteries
Lithium batteries
Lithium ion batteries
Mercury oxide batteries
Nickel cadmium batteries
Nickel metal hydride batteries
Alkaline batteries
Zinc carbon batteries
Silver oxide batteries
NicZinc chloride batteries
Zinc air batteries
Air depolarised batteries
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